Community engagement solutions designed for complex government projects and initiatives.

The PublicInput Engage Plus Plan combines all the data-driven solutions found in Listen and Engage, with the added benefits state and local governments need to fully integrate and optimize their community engagement approach.

Community Engagement Engage Plus Plan

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See How the PublicInput Platform Makes Your Job Easy

With PublicInput’s Engage Plus Plan, organization’s with a lot of data and on-going and in-depth initiatives will be able to integrate disconnected engagement and communications solutions, show statistically representative participation across hard-to-reach audiences, and automate much of the analysis process.

Target Outreach

Target campaigns or pinpoint relevant notifications based on information gathered about residents that can only be developed when engagement and communications are managed from the same platform.

Gather Community Input

Centralize data and insights collected across all formats of engagement to ensure reports are accurate, comprehensive, and efficient to compile.

Ensure Equity and Representation

Accommodate residents’ wide range of communication abilities and preferences to ensure equity in the opportunity to participate and break down barriers to historic gaps in representation.

Streamline Reporting

Collate, filter, format, and automate reporting that combines a complete spectrum of communication formats.

Store Resident Data

Ensure accuracy and reduce human error with automated processes, keep data organized in a way that is easy to understand, and automatically document all input and communication.

How Clark County Offers a Mixed-Mode Engagement Approach with Email, SMS Text Messaging, and In-Person Formats to Gather High Quality Resident Input

Clark County, NV PublicInput case study

Community Engagement Tools to Make Your Organization More Connected and Efficient

With the Engage Plus Plan, government agencies get all of the PublicInput Platform features the they need to reach, engage, understand, and communicate with residents.

PublicInput AI Sentiment
AI Sentiment Analysis

Automate Time Intensive Qualitative Analysis

PublicInput offers enhanced analysis features that incorporate AI technologies to simplify the process of qualitative data analysis. Whether it is comment coding, sentiment identification, or thematic analysis the Engage Plus Plan makes processing qualitative data (like open ended comments, emails, and voicemails) easy.

→ See AECOM’s holistic approach to equitable engagement on the San Diego Parks Master Plan.

PublicInput Equity Mapping
Equity Mapping

Simplify Complex Information Using the Power of Mapping Visualization

PublicInput supports a seamless data exchange and interaction with ArcGIS. Now users can overlay custom layers to inform strategy, demonstrate compliance, and communicate engagement behavior and outcomes all in one place.

PublicInput Meetings
PublicInput Virtual Meeting

Provide Equitable and Accessible Public Meetings

A traditional and effective approach to community engagement, public meetings are the core feature of most engagement strategies. PublicInput supports state and local government meetings using a public facing hub for all meeting related resources. With features that include:
+ Live streaming options
+ Self service access to past and pre-recorded meetings
+ Administrative control and moderation of community member speaker queues
+ Real-time multilingual closed captions that support over 100 languages

PublicInput EJ Screen
Equity Mapping

Seamless Integration of EJScreen Segments into the CRM

PublicInput supports a seamless data exchange between your organization and the EPA using EJSCREEN segment connections in the CRM. Understand who your community members are and what they care about using a CRM that automates the collection of geographic, socioeconomic, perception and sentiment characteristics all in one place.

PublicInput Last Mile Translation
Equity Mapping

Breakdown Language Barriers Between Your Organization and the Community

PublicInput solves the language gap by supporting a hybrid approach to survey and page form editing that saves time and promotes inclusivity. Last mile translation speeds up the time consuming process of survey and webpage translation by offering AI enhanced translations that combine the real world touch of human language editing and review.

PublicInput Text Message
community engagement SMS/Text

Reach Residents On-the-Go with SMS Text Message Campaigns

Effective outreach can make or break a project when it comes to public sentiment. A well informed and engaged community relies on effective communication. PublicInput gives your team another tool to reach more of your residents with SMS Text message campaigns. Text messaging has proven to be a highly impactful method for reaching the busy public, specifically low-income, minority, and rural communities.

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PublicInput Engage Plus Plan and Features

For organizations utilizing numerous point solutions to gather feedback and inform residents.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m not sure if the PublicInput Engage Plus Plan is a good fit for my organization, are there other options?

The PublicInput Platform is designed to meet your organization where it is today, then scale to meet your needs as you evolve your engagement practice. We offer three plans with varying degrees of capabilities, designed to work for one or multiple departments and teams from 1 to 1000. Compare all three of our plans and pricing here.

What are some of the limitations of the Engage Plus Plan?

There are none! That’s the glory of the Engage Plus Plan, it includes all of the features and capabilities of the PublicInput Platform.

To see plan features in an easy-to-read chart, check out the pricing page.

What kind of customer support does PublicInput provide?

New clients receive implementation support and training from our Customer Success Team. Our Customer Onboarding Manager will work with your organization and one of our Customer Service Managers (CSMs) to create an implementation and onboarding timeline.

PublicInput uses a combination of training methods, including an eLearning platform and training videos. Our support team is available from 9 am to 8 pm EST, Monday to Friday, including live support from our Customer Support Team. After-hours assistance is available as requested. During support hours, our team directly addresses any issues with registration, access issues, or functionality.

I’m interested in the Engage Plus Plan. How do I get started?

If you have any questions about PublicInput plans or our product, please request a demo. We look forward to meeting with you!

Are you a current customer looking for our Customer Success team? Use the 24/7 chat bot in the bottom-right hand side of this page.

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