Create equitable engagement opportunities for all.

For organizations prioritizing representative feedback and data-driven decision making, the PublicInput Engage Plan takes your community engagement to the next level with CRM, segmenting, targeted communication campaigns, and equity mapping.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions with Your Community

With PublicInput’s Engage Plan, organizations prioritizing representative feedback and data-driven decision making will be able to leverage tools to better understand unique segments of the community, and share greater insights with boards and stakeholders.

Target Outreach

Target campaigns or pinpoint relevant notifications based on information gathered about residents that can only be developed when engagement and communications are managed from the same platform.

Gather Community Input

Gather input through a comprehensive suite of survey, mapping, and comment management tools such as text participation, email outreach, voicemail option for meeting comments, and automatic recording of comments/transcripts during meetings.

Ensure Equity and Representation

Accommodate residents’ wide range of communication abilities and preferences to ensure equity in the opportunity to participate and break down barriers to historic gaps in representation.

Streamline Reporting

Collate, filter, format, and automate reporting that combines a complete spectrum of communication formats.

Store Resident Data

Ensure accuracy and reduce human error with automated processes, keep data organized in a way that is easy to understand, and automatically document all input and communication.

How Frederick County, MD Leveraged Its Database to Build Connections With a Diverse Rural Population

Community Engagement Tools to Reach a Broad and Representative Audience

The PublicInput Platform is designed to be accessible, equitable, and efficient so that agencies can have more time to focus on creating successful engagement strategies. Here’s how features of the Engage Plan ensure ongoing dialogue and multiple opportunities for resident participation.

PublicInput Voicemail
Community engagement voicemail

Voicemail Comments

Add a hotline number to your project, and anyone who calls in will have their voicemail comments recorded and transcribed in the system.

→ See how Harris County facilitated an open and transparent process of community engagement.

PublicInput Smart Translation
Community engagement translation

Smart Translation

Closed captioning in multiple languages provides language accessibility to non-English-speaking communities during meetings. Automatically translate surveys, meeting transcripts, email communications into multiple languages.

→ See how Frederick County, MD used the PublicInput survey feature to address language accessibility needs of its Spanish speaking residents.

PublicInput SMS/Text Surveys
PublicInput Meetings
community engagement meetings

In-Person and Phone-In Meetings

Meetings can have an offline option for in-person attendees, and participants can also phone in to participate without needing access to a computer or wifi.

→ See how Asheville, NC provided a live two-way system of communication for their residents.

PublicInput Equity Mapping
Equity Mapping

Equity Mapping

Overlay mapping layers from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) EJSCREEN tool directly onto your participant maps in PublicInput, allowing you to track how your public engagement efforts impact Environmental Justice (EJ) and historically disenfranchised communities.

→ See how Revere, MA used strategic community engagement tactics powered by PublicInput to quickly and easily inform, listen, communicate, and analyze public input.

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PublicInput Engage Plan and Features

For organizations prioritizing representative feedback and data-driven decision making with frequent initiatives that often overlap.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’m not sure if the PublicInput Engage Plan is a good fit for my organization, are there other options?

The PublicInput Platform is designed to meet your organization where it is today, then scale to meet your needs as you evolve your engagement practice. We offer three plans with varying degrees of capabilities, designed to work for one or multiple departments and teams from 1 to 1000. Compare all three of our plans and pricing here.

What are some of the limitations of the Engage Plan?

The Engage Plan is for organizations prioritizing representative feedback and data-driven decision making with frequent initiatives that often overlap. If you are interested in more engagement options, analysis and equity mapping tools, automated workflows, and enhanced multi-lingual support, then this plan is for you.

For organizations utilizing numerous point solutions to gather feedback and inform residents, we recommend the Engage Plus Plan to integrate disconnected engagement and communications solutions; to optimize investments for complex teams managing ongoing resident interactions; and to show statistically representative participation across hard-to-reach audiences and automate much of the analysis process.

For small teams, organizations with a limited budget, or infrequent initiatives, we recommend the Listen Plan. 

To see plan features in an easy-to-read chart, check out the pricing page.

What kind of customer support does PublicInput provide?

New clients receive implementation support and training from our Customer Success Team. Our Customer Onboarding Manager will work with your organization and one of our Customer Service Managers (CSMs) to create an implementation and onboarding timeline.

PublicInput uses a combination of training methods, including an eLearning platform and training videos. Our support team is available from 9 am to 8 pm EST, Monday to Friday, including live support from our Customer Support Team. After-hours assistance is available as requested. During support hours, our team directly addresses any issues with registration, access issues, or functionality.

I’m interested in the Engage Plan. How do I get started?

If you have any questions about PublicInput plans or our product, please request a demo. We look forward to meeting with you!

Are you a current customer looking for our Customer Success team? Use the 24/7 chat bot in the bottom-right hand side of this page.

Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.