Design Better Projects by Engaging the Right Residents and Building Consensus, Together

Leverage the power of public engagement software and GIS tools to engage underrepresented and impacted communities while documenting all participation in a central system of record.

Why Transportation Planners Trust PublicInput to Manage Their Public Involvement

To manage and analyze survey, comment, and meeting feedback in one place.

To ensure equitable communication needs are accommodated.

To identify and target disadvantaged communities and measure their representation in project engagement.

Accomplish more with less.

It’s all too common for transportation planners to feel underprepared in meeting increased demands for equitable engagement.  Even if the team’s hard work results in great participation, when tools are not working holistically, together, each initiative creates a separate set of data in its own system, folder, or spreadsheet, meaning the harder you try, the harder it gets.

Thankfully, PublicInput gives you an organized approach to public participation with a well-defined public participation database.

Simplify the task of public involvement →

Get the word out to those most impacted by your planning projects.

According to the USDOT’s Promising Practices for Meaningful Public Involvement Guidebook, “full representation from all communities affected is key to successful project delivery”. Unfortunately barriers to this persist in the ability to communicate the engagement opportunities themselves (70% of residents in a recent poll indicated they were not being asked for their feedback during projects), as well as provide sufficient context regarding the project for residents to offer an informed response (48% of residents who knew about an initiative but did not participate felt like they did not know enough to contribute).

By incorporating a suite of digital and physical marketing tools that can target and track neighborhood-specific engagement, PublicInput affords the power to ensure all communities have a documented voice in the transportation decision-making process.

Incorporate public meetings with the rest of your engagement metrics →

Lower barriers to public participation.

Referring back to the USDOT’s guidance, different types of residents require different options for communication. These community preferred methods include mobile-friendly websites, paper surveys, text messages, email, tele town halls, in-person or virtual public meetings, or kiosks, to name a few.

Your public engagement process should be focused on meeting resident engagement needs and preferences, not juggling an IT techstack and the resulting disconnected datasets. PublicInput helps you engage with the most impactful and successful communication approaches by powering everything mentioned above, and more from one dashboard.

Explore real-time, multi-lingual closed captions →

Unify your public participation tactics →

Clearly report your findings back to the public.

Increasing public trust starts with following up with participants to share updates and outcomes, not only at the end of the public involvement effort but also in phases throughout the lifecycle of a project.

PublicInput reports help you tell a clear and concise story of the entire project by automating reports that combine survey results, public comments, and even participant location. Built-in analysis tools quickly visualize data, share real-time results, and create meeting-ready reports without any need to open an Excel spreadsheet.

Create dynamic, real-time interactive reports →

Make your data readily available, documented and easy to share.

Having a central source of truth can simplify documentation, report generation, and compliance. With PublicInput, you can ensure accuracy and reduce human error with automated processes, keep data organized in a way that is easy to understand, and automatically document all input and communication.

The single source of truth for community engagement →

See for yourself all of the benefits of the PublicInput Platform.

Discover how a small team at the Genesee MPO used digital civic engagement to scale up participation by 47.5%.

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