Remedy Resident Pain Points with More Agility

Use community engagement software to make it easy for residents to participate, to expand staff capacity, and to reveal real-time insights into resident sentiment.

Resident Pain Points

Why Public Administrators Use PublicInput for Community Engagement

⊕ To collect, manage, and analyze resident data, and point to public sentiment and representative input that supports a given recommendation.

⊕ To deliver an accessible, consistent, on-brand experience every engagement.

⊕ To reach and gather input from less-polarized voices.

⊕ To get the word out to more residents and more consistently close the loop on how their input is used.

Citizen Engagement Considerations for Public Administrators

Fiscal/Budget Considerations

Scaled to fit the unique needs of local government organizations, PublicInput supports the needs of your team, large and small. 

Policy Considerations

Making complex policy decisions that affect residents doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Whether it is a plan, program, or initiative, PublicInput empowers governments with the tools they need to make data driven decisions that are meaningful and effective. 

Legal Considerations

License procurement can be tricky. Whether it is a formal procurement process or vendor agreement, PublicInput has the capacity and infrastructure to respond all types of  procurement requests.

Powerful Community Engagement Solutions

Address the misperception that your organization is not listening.

Show residents that you are listening by providing a regular, consistent means of engaging.

PublicInput offers more than a typical run of the mill CRM, a living dashboard that grows with each interaction. Designed specifically to help governments move past data collection to actionable tactics that improve resident relationships and information sharing.

Start showing residents you hear them →

Update your engagement approaches to match resident expectations.

Engagement approaches that include a mixed-mode approach with both online and offline tactics challenges the status quo and supports resident expectations regardless of community size or composition. PublicInput provides a modern, purpose-built solution for local governments seeking to meet diverse resident expectations.

Meet resident engagement expectations →

Close the loop with residents about how their input is used.

Local governments who want to understand how resident input is being used should implement a process of open communication with participants. PublicInput integrates email and SMS text engagement tools to make it easy to close the loop between residents and local governments regardless of internal capacity.

Close the communication loop →

See for yourself all of the benefits of the PublicInput Platform.

How the City of Austin created equitable open space and community engagement planning in the process.

City of Austin Case Study

PublicInput Supports Every Community Engagement Need

From participatory budgeting to project conceptualization, government teams like yours are working every day to build relationships through engagement.

Government Communicators

From public affairs to local initiatives and projects we have the tools government communicators need.


Transportation Planners

From master planning to public hearings our platform helps transportation planners bring it all together.



From project conceptualization to ribbon cutting our platform helps you bring it all together.


Community Engagement Managers

From project conceptualization to implementation we offer solutions that are both meaningful and effective.


Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.