Automatically store all of your resident engagement and feedback into one platform.

Only PublicInput’s resident database gives state and local governments a 360-degree view of both online and in-person interactions.

resident engagement CRM

A Single System of Record to Show Who You Reach, Where, and How


Streamlined Public Engagement

Seamless tracking of resident interactions across all engagement activities. Gain a clear view of engagement history and enhance future communication strategies effortlessly.

Effortless Re-engagement

Easily reconnect with residents who have engaged before. PublicInput simplifies re-engagement campaigns, enabling ongoing communication and relationship-building with ease.

Integrated Data Collaboration

Break down data silos and improve collaboration between departments. PublicInput's CRM integrates efforts across the organization, ensuring a cohesive approach to community engagement and decision-making.

data and analytics

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Confidence

PublicInput's Dynamic Reports and Insight Builder empower agencies to create reports that go beyond numbers, providing actionable insights into community feedback and sentiment. Drive meaningful change with a comprehensive view of engagement trends at your fingertips.

segment by location CRM

Reach the Right Audience, Every Time

With PublicInput's CRM database, agencies can segment residents based on attributes like geographic location and past engagement history. Tailor your outreach efforts to ensure that residents receive relevant information and opportunities to participate in government initiatives. Build stronger connections with your community through personalized communication.

underrepresented groups

Connect with Everyone, Everywhere

PublicInput supports a variety of engagement methods, including QR codes, text messages, and emails. No matter how diverse your community's preferences are, our platform ensures that government initiatives are accessible to all residents. Expand your reach and foster inclusivity with versatile communication channels.

participant survey record in CRM

Keep a Detailed Record of Every Interaction

You can automatically store all engagement data and resident contact information, offering a 360-degree view of each participant's history. Track survey responses, meeting attendance, and project involvement effortlessly, ensuring you have all the information needed to understand and engage your community effectively.

Take a Demo of PublicInput’s Resident Database

Discover how PublicInput’s resident database can transform your community engagement strategy with data-driven insights, targeted outreach, diverse communication methods, and comprehensive participant history.

Engage using standard survey question formats that you’re used to with consumer survey tools. From the single and multi-select, to Likert, slider, and text input formats, you’ve got the basics covered.