A Community-Based Organizations (CBO) Database for Government Agencies

Find the community groups you need and get the word out to your residents, quickly.

Community Based Organizations

Identify and Manage Relationships with CBOs in Your Community


500,000+ contacts
in CBO database

CRM and Equity Mapping integrations

Continuously curated and updated so you always have the most up-to-date CBO information

Narrow your CBO target list
by service area and/or organization type

Streamline Organizational Management Effortlessly

Save Time and Connect with Groups Quicker

Efficiently manage detailed organizational information, including geographical areas served and key contacts, using our Community-Based Organizations module. Our user-friendly tool simplifies the process, enabling your organization to oversee your operations effortlessly while maximizing time savings and facilitating quicker connections with groups.

Equity Mapping and Community-Based Organizations

Access and Expand Your Network with Ease

Access a database of over 500,000 community-based organizations, categorized using a standardized taxonomy, through the CBO Network, while also fostering collaboration and information sharing across state, regional, city, and county lines.

Access and Expand Your Database with Ease

Seamlessly Integrate with Other Tools for Improved Workflow

Achieve seamless integration with existing tools such as the Equity Mapping toolkit and resident database, optimizing workflow efficiency and resource utilization. Our tool ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to focus on driving positive change in your community.

Customizable Solutions for Precise Management

Address Your Unique Community Engagement Challenges Effectively

Tailor the module to your organization's specific needs with customizable features, including the import of organization data, addition of new organizations, and association of contacts.

Visualize Tools for Informed Decision-Making

Visualize Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Utilize visualization tools to gain valuable insights from CBO data through various views such as lists, maps, and GIS overlays. Empower stakeholders with the clarity needed for informed decision-making and effective community engagement strategies, ensuring your efforts make a lasting impact.

The CBO Module vs. The CBO Network:
What’s the Difference?

How the CBO Module Works:

The community-based organizations module is a central system of record for managing:

1. Organizational details
2. Geographical areas served
3. Key contacts

The module is directly integrated into the Equity Mapping toolkit and your resident database.

How the Module works:

✓ Import your organization data
✓ Add new organizations
✓ Associate one or more contacts with an organization
✓ View and Edit organization details
✓ Search and filter organizations in a list view in your CRM
✓ Search and filter organizations on a map in the Equity Mapping interface
✓ Overlay GIS layers with CBO data in the Equity Mapping interface
✓ Select and export organizations from Equity Mapping

How the CBO Network Works:

PublicInput has partnered with Candid, the leading provider of nonprofit data, to seed the Network using publicly available data on charitable organizations and nonprofits. We’ve further enhanced that data using other data providers like ESRI to build a robust dataset.

All organizations are categorized using Candid’s well-established taxonomy of organization subject codes to ensure consistency across teams.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the categories included in the CBO Network:

✓ Faith-based organizations
✓ Professional organizations and Chambers of Commerce
✓ Housing Development Foundations
✓ Parent-Teacher Associations
✓ Public Health organizations
✓ Environmental and Natural Resource organizations
✓ Public media and news organizations
✓ Anti-discrimination organizations
✓ Rural and Urban Economic Development Groups
✓ Public Libraries

A New Resource to Strengthen Your Relationship with Community-Based Organizations

The CBO Engagement Playbook

A customizable playbook designed to help you evaluate your current practices, get organized, and tap into community organizations to increase engagement and strengthen your relationship with your community.

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