Gather Public Input That is Representative of Your Community

Actively identify and engage under-represented groups, then apply data analytics to demonstrate broad and representative public involvement.


Use data to identify important communities and stakeholders.

PublicInput’s Equity Mapping interface brings Census and EPA data into your engagement planning and evaluation workflows. Leverage map layers to identify under-represented communities and potential stakeholders that are missing from your process.

Educate the public

Leverage Community-Based Organizations to broaden your reach.

Use the integrated Community-Based Organization database and industry-leading CBO network to identify potential partners and stakeholders in your community. Layer these groups with your Equity Mapping data to find organizations to help close gaps in outreach to specific areas and under-represented groups.

Equity Mapping and Community-Based Organizations

Increase participation through accessible multi-channel engagement.

Meet residents where they are on a channel they’re comfortable engaging, whether that’s phone, text, online, or face-to-face. PublicInput unlocks consistency across initiatives, ensuring accessibility and feedback that is representative of your community. Use industry-leading tools and training content to create inclusive strategies, build trust, and increase community involvement.

Educate the public

Measure and demonstrate representative engagement.

Accurately assess community engagement through data visualized on community maps. With dynamic reporting, you can quickly compare your participant demographics with US Census data to show that you’re hearing from a wide and representative snapshot of your community - not just your most vocal residents.

Educate the public

"PublicInput gives you the Ferrari of engagement technology. It is robust, agile, and allows local governments to laser-focus on underrepresented communities of color, residents with limited English proficiency, and people with disabilities . . ."


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Austin, Texas

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